Keith Hansen

Mr. Keith Hansen, a U.S. national, assumed his current position in February 2002. He is responsible for the overall policy direction of the Bank's HIV/AIDS work in Africa and for overseeing the ongoing implementation of its regional HIV/AIDS strategy. In particular, he leads ACTafrica's efforts to facilitate implementation of the Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Program (MAP) for Africa. He also manages the Africa Department's relations with UNAIDS, donors, and other partners. He has been with the ACTafrica team since its inception, when he served as Deputy Manager. He is one of the principal architects of the MAP.
Prior to this, he managed health and education projects in southern Africa, served as Special Assistant to the Vice President for Africa, and worked on environmental issues in Latin America.

Mr. Hansen has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Yale University, a graduate degree in Public Affairs from Princeton University and a Law degree from Stanford University.

He teaches courses on AIDS as a development issue, and on the impact of development assistance at Princeton University.