Jack Ohman

Jack OhmanOhman wins Kennedy Award
Posted by Therese Bottomly, The Oregonian April 07, 2009 13:01PM
Randy L. Rasmussen

Jack Ohman, The Oregonian's political cartoonist since 1983

The Oregonian's political cartoonist, Jack Ohman, has won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for editorial cartoons published in 2008 reflecting the lives and strife of disadvantaged people throughout the world.

Ohman learned about the award in a personal call from Ethel Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy's widow, who told him, "You honor Bobby's name" in describing the work that won the award.

Here is how the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial foundation describes the award:

"Known as the "Poor People's Pulitzers" ... these award recipients have brought to light issues spanning from child abuse and juvenile crime to discriminatory banking practices and prejudice against AIDS victims.

"Established in December of 1968 by a group of reporters covering Robert Kennedy's presidential election, the award program has far exceeded the expectations of its founders. Led by a committee of six independent journalists, the Awards are judged by more than fifty journalists each year. It has become the largest program of its kind and one of few in which the winners are determined solely by their peers." The memorial foundation engages in social justice advocacy and sponsors awards for books, journalism and other media."