David PowersDavid Powers

 David Michael Wilts-Powers – 2/13/1960 – 2/20/2018

David was an adventure seeker. Those who knew him best were sure he was endorphin deficient! He was happiest when he could convince someone else to join him in his risky exploits, even against their better judgment (double black diamond runs).  

He was an instigator and never turned down an opportunity to debate with someone who had a differing opinion. This attribute was put to good use in the court room after obtaining his law degree through William Mitchell. He worked both as a prosecuting and defense attorney during his career. 

He liked change and to travel as demonstrated by the number of times he moved throughout his life. In June, 2003, he married Kurt Wilts in Toronto; they made their first home in Minneapolis. Consistent with his desire for change, they subsequently moved to Palm Springs.

Those who knew him best would describe him as loving, thoughtful, kind, fun to be around and mischievous. He volunteered his time to help others. Although he was taken from us much too soon, he had a zest for life and lived it to the fullest.