In memory of members of the Mounds View Class of 1978 that have passed away.Mounds View Class of 1978

Stories about our Alumni

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Glenn McClanahan

Glenn McClanahanDr. Glenn McClanahan, a seasoned general clinician with a wide variety of training and experience, has M. S. and Ph. D. degrees in clinical psychology. Dr. McClanahan is an Assistant Vice President for the employee assistance program of a major U. S. corporation (top 100) and in private practice. Dr. McClanahan works with couples, individuals, children and adolescents on a variety of clinical problems.







Frank Watson

Frank WatsonI am a Meteorologist who lives in the state of Minnesota. I live in the city of Hugo, which is about 20 miles north of St. Paul.

I work along with my father,Bruce Watson, who is also a Meteorologist. I guess you could say he is the one who inspired me to become a Meteorologist. I really can't pinpoint a certain storm or weather incident that aroused my interest in the weather. I've always enjoyed it when my father would take me along while he was conducting field studies. Being outdoors and visiting different parts of the state sounded like a lot more fun then going to an office every morning and working behind a desk. Plus with the weather it is something different everyday.

Cindy Jackson Cocke

Cindy was born and raised in Minnesota, but has always been intrigued by the sultry south. She attributes this curiosity to “the Minnesota winters she endured growing up”.

As a young adult she met her future husband, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, and had her first trip to New Orleans at 20. “ I fell in love with the city”, she says and eventually moved here “ to see how far down the Mississippi river I could live and stay in the continental U.S. I have always lived near the Mississippi river on either one end or the other”, and has a special passion for water.

Her spa interests started as a child, mixing potions consisting of things like talc powder and Dippity-Doo, and slathering them on her face to see what results she had. She also grew up in a retail family as her mother owned her own business, and remembers helping her at the store through high school by stocking the shelves, helping customers and even dressing like a large duck in the spring, to greet the potential customers.