In memory of members of the Mounds View Class of 1978 that have passed away.Mounds View Class of 1978

Stories about our Alumni

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Dan Buettner

Dan BuettnerDan Buettner, Explorer and National Geographic writer.  Dan Buettner is the founder of Quest Network, Inc. and has produced more than a dozen interactive expeditions. His Quests are real-time expeditions designed to enlist an online audience's participation in solving some of science's biggest questions. The Quests have generated more than two billion media impressions and garnered an online educational audience of 12 million students in 80,000 classrooms.

Buettner has biked more than 120,000 miles around the globe, holds three Guinness World Records in long distance cycling and has been accepted into the Explorer's Club. He is considered the father of the interactive expedition, and the Washington Post has called his Quests "the most successful experiment in interactive education to date."

Ruth Temple

I am in love with color, and with the gifts of function and natural forms, whether a piece is decorative, as a colorful scarf to wear and delight in, or a hand-bound blank journal that welcomes you to write and draw your inmost thoughts in.

The daughter of a fiber artist and teacher of color theory and design, I grew up surrounded by and immersed in a world of creating art and playing with light. Some of the techniques I use today I learned at my mother's knee, and I have never stopped learning new forms. Continuing to explore familiar themes such as natural figures in each new technique I learn, continues deepening and enriching my visual work and ongoing explorations in new work.

Lanette Wandamacher Lorsung

Lanette Wandamacher LorsungLanette Lorsung, Andover MN. Female entrepreneur and owner of "Cottage Elements", Vintage designer of home decor. Past owner of two retail locations, a home decor store and a tea room, wanting more time at home with her family started her own business. Now on her own & flying high with vintage flea market finds restored.

Her creative works can be seen at "The Round Barn".