After much exploration, discussion and site visits, we weighed the options, the pros and cons (of which there were many!), and came to a decision.
One place had the others beat out with price (keeping it manageable) accessibility (great parking), food & drink, and privacy, just to name a few. One place stood head & shoulders above the rest in meeting our needs.  And that place is the Stillwater Country Club, site of our previous reunion!  It's a very nice place, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves immensely at our last reunion.

So, our 40 year reunion will be on September 29, 2018 at the Stillwater Country Club.  Mark your calendars and register now!  Once again, the price will be $19.78 (in case you didn't notice, that's the year we graduated) or $25 at the door.  The earlier you sign up the better we can plan this 40 year reunion!


We owe a big Thank You to Karla Peterson and her husband Eric for doing so much of the legwork on this!!

Thanks also to Randy Amos, Rick Wasiluk, Renee Kornberg and Keith Pederson for all their efforts!  Me? I just showed up, asked stupid questions and posted stuff.

Please let your fellow classmates know!!

- Steve Shumaker